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Activities for August / September

We have a new regular feature of Move it Mondays which will begin August 8th

Tuesday 9th - Coffee in the living room – an outside meeting that residents visit each week
Flower Arranging
Wednesday 10th - Bingo
Thursday 11th - Walking group , the Hairdresser visits
Friday 12th - Pizza Making – select your topping of choice
Saturday 13th - Sporting Saturday
Sunday 14th - Songs of praise, country file
Monday 15th - Move it Monday
Tuesday 16th - Coffee in the living room
Wednesday 17th - Eve from Kiddledivey music therapy
Thursday 18th - Afternoon tea dance

A visit from Shropshire Falconry has been arrange with the date yet to be confirmed

29th We have a back to the 60s bank holiday Monday with Mocktails and all thigs of the 1960s

In September we have a trip to the seaside, a beach party, Bryan the pony, and a back to the 70’s day